About HACT


At HACT Construction, our management philosophy is anchored on a single prevailing notion: without our employees our company would not exist. We consider each employee part of our company team. We strive to recognize the skills and efforts of each employee. We work with each member of our team in a fair and friendly manner, treating each member with dignity and respect. We stress providing a safe work environment and productive.

HACT Construction’s pursuit of excellence provides our team members with unparalleled employment opportunities. In order to best serve our clients, our employees and our community, the management team at HACT Construction is continually improving its management techniques. In fact, we encourage employee suggestions in making improvements in work conditions.

HACT Construction's managers evaluate conditions such as safety, cleanliness, and employee accommodations on a regular basis, ensuring full compliance with federal and state regulations, and ensuring our employees have impeccable working conditions.

We are committed to the highest standards in the management of HACT Construction, producing an atmosphere of harmony and opportunity for everyone.

Current Openings

There are currently no job openings at the moment. Please check back in the future